Opening Days! Better than XMAS!

The time has finally come! The snow fell hard and the temps dropped just enough to help Boreal Mountain with one of their biggest openings yet!  With Mt Rose opening just a couple days ago, Tahoe is kicking off the winter with amazing conditions. Boreal Mountain will be opening today, November 6,  9am-9pm top to bottom with 10 terrain park features! Those who earned their turns hiking and building features the last couple of days are all warmed up and ready.  So head over to Boreal today and enjoy!

Let’s make Erica in Idaho jealous, tag us in your photos on instagram @welcome_tahome



WELCOME TAHOE back to the Welcome Tahome page with all your fall and winter go-to’s and to-do’s. Summer is rough (beautiful clear lake, sunny skies, awesome hikes) in Tahoe for the snow bums like us. We work as much as we can, for as long as we can, during the hot days of summer in order to enjoy a little more time on the mountain during the upcoming winter months. Some move away to get that skrilla, while others are stuck behind a desk all day 5 days a week working “real” jobs (please refrain from vomiting). Now that the leaves are starting to change… wait that doesn’t happen in California…now that the lake is getting cold…wait the lake is ALWAYS cold… Ok, now that it’s October, it’s time to check those coat pockets for leftover money and get your gear ready for the winter. We don’t want to jinx anything here, but just like the last four years they say it’s going to be an “epic “winter. Science says so, the bees say so even my dog’s shedding habits say so!

This year we have a brand new section on our site for the wanderlusts of the internet world. Though it can not be denied that Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, part of our nature as a Tahomie is to explore. Two of our own from the Welcome Tahome team have decided to indulge their craving for adventure. Erica and Chris packed up their belongings and headed out of Tahoe to spend the fall slinging pizzas, waiting tables, and watch the leaves (actually) change colors in preparation for their epic nomad adventure. Want to see where they are, what mountains they are visiting, and what it takes to drive across the country? Log in every week to our “From____, with Love” tab to find out. We will have videos, pictures, and narrative of their journey starting from saving their pennies in a small Idaho town to tracking their whereabouts on the road.  So tune in and watch as the country gets a little taste of Tahoe, Welcome Tahome style!

5 ways to get a girlfriend in Tahoe

Let’s face it. The ratio of males to females in ski resorts towns tend lean to the problem of too few fish tacos and a whole lot of wieners at the barbecue, if you know what I mean. The title of this article can lead some readers to believe maybe the ladies should be working harder, but we know you guys will take what you can get or you will at least drink until you don’t care what you’re getting. Here are a few tips in catching a big fish in a small pond or a perhaps just getting something that smells like fish.

1. Be mysterious. I mean don’t be the fool on the mountain dropping f-bombs when you miss a rail or the guy in the bar who is obnoxious. We get it, you love shot-skis and dubstep. Now please go away.

2. They say girls in Tahoe are like parking spots; they are either taken or hadicap.

3. Don’t let your hair grown longer than the average women’s lengths unless you’re ready for her to try new hairstyles on you before she does them to her own head.

4. The Three S’s: Shit, Shower, and Shave. I mean; don’t smell like shit, remember to shower, and beards are in, but there is a fine line between hip and homeless so keep it groomed.

5. You’ve heard of Pro-Ho’s but with less and less pros coming into the lime light; we have come into a time where just looking like a pro will give you enough street cred to be a bro… and then you get the Bro-Ho’s.

Now go get ’em tiger!

WCW: Gency Warren

The Reno/Tahoe area, like most snow towns, is known to have a lack of females among the high population of males.  Here at Welcome Tahome we like to dig up those “diamond in the roughs”; especially the women who crush it!

Gency Warren is a Reno/Tahoe local who not only slays it on the mountains, but just so happens to be a scratchboard master! She is a student at UNR, a well known face at Eternal Board Shop, an avid snowboarder, and as we can see here, an Artist. At the beginning of the month Gency was given an opportunity to display her scratchboard art in the local Pizza shop- Noble Pie Parlor in Reno, Nevada.  Though her art will only be up in the parlor for a few days longer, you can contact Gency by e-mail at to purchase any of her amazing pieces.  We caught up with Gency in between her busy schedule to ask her one quick question: What makes Tahoe home? Her answer: “Reno is my home, but Tahoe is the backyard that sold me on it!”

Here is a little sneak peek of some of her amazing work.

  gency art 1 gency art 2 gency art 3 gency art 4gency art 5

Trick or Treat! Halloween Caramel Corn

 Nothing is better than a crisp fall evening filled with scary movies and yummy treats to help you get in the mood for some Halloween fun! Here is a simple twist to the classic treat of homemade caramel corn. This is such a simple recipe that will impress your family and friends with your gourmet kitchen skills!


  •  4 quarts popped popcorn 
  •  1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup Light or Dark Corn Syrup
  • 1/2 cup butter or margarine
  •  1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract
  • Milk chocolate chips
  • 1 bag REESE”S Pieces

Step 1: Preheated the over to 250 degrees.

Step 2: Pop your popcorn. I used to use my mom’s popcorn maker which is great for avoiding unpopped kernels in the popcorn when I first made this recipe, but you can use a large pot on the stove top if you do not have a popcorn maker.

Directions for stove top popcorn: Pour a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil in a pot and add one kernel and cover with lid. Heat until the kernel pops then add about 1 cup popcorn kernels. Cover with lid and shake occasionally to prevent burning. When it stops popping it should be ready.

Step 3: Melt butter in a medium sized saucepan. Mix in brown sugar, corn syrup, and salt. Stirring constantly, bring to a boil over medium heat. Boil 5 minutes without stirring. Remove from heat. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART! Stir in baking soda and vanilla; mix well. This will cause the caramel to change to a lighter color and fluff up a bit.

Step 4: Pour syrup over warm popcorn, stirring to coat evenly.

Step 5: Bake for 25-35 minutes on a greased cooking sheet, stirring occasionally. Remove from oven and spread on foil or parchment paper that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

Step 6: Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave  (in a microwave safe bowl for 30 sec. stir, repeat until smooth) or in a small sauce pan on low heat. Stir until smooth. Drizzle  desired amount amount of melted chocolate over caramel corn. While chocolate is still warm add REESES PIECES or fall colored M&M’s if you’re not into peanut butter.

Let cool for 20-30 minutes (if you can!) Store in an air-tight container to prevent it from becoming chewy.

photo 2-1

 There you go! So easy you’ll make it again and again! Happy Haunting!


Local skier Jaime Melton throws down, Down Under

Reno-Tahoe local Jaime Melton took his skills down under to New Zealand this past month to compete in the New Zealand Open. Despite coming up shy of finals, he took to the mountains of Cardrona Alpine Resort and put together this banger. Jaime is known in these parts not just for his insane abilities as a freestyle skier, but also as a coach at Woodward Tahoe where he has worked for the past three years. He is a student at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, Nev. working toward his degree in Psychology and ski team athlete who holds the title for U.S. Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Regional Slopestyle Champion, National Quarter-Pipe Champion and third place Freestyle Individual Combined for the Men’s Team in the 2013/2014 National Championship. We sat down with Jaime to get the low down on why he does what he does:

“I just want people to see my skiing. Plain and simple. I want to be creative and do different things. I am 28 years old and I feel like I did not have my priorities straight for a long time and now that I do, I want to make up for lost time. I ski because it gives me the feeling that nothing else can. The feeling I get from landing a new trick or skiing a line that there is uncertainty in and then conquering it; thats the feeling I love.” – Jaime Melton

So I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks. We see big things in the near future for this guy. Keep chasin’ that clock!

Squirrels: Sign of a Good Winter?

earl1They say a sign of an early or even winter promising more snowfall can be predicted based on the activity of squirrels. Green pinecones are dropping like bombs from the frisky critters chewing them apart for the seeds. I have a new resident squirrel who has been lovingly named Earl the Squirrel. Earl has taken over the planter box with newly made tunnels as well as any decent sized potted plant. He comes down in the morning and does his routine of finding a pinecone, stripping it down then hiding his seed treats in his tunnels. Needless to say, my morning coffee now includes a nature show!


Caught in the act!

earl3Hopefully Earl the Squirrel is a sign of a decent winter and by that I mean ANY snow would be great!

IRONMAN Lake Tahoe cancelled due to unsafe air quality

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 1.08.47 PM

The safety of athletes, volunteers, and spectators is our highest priority. The decision to cancel the event involved recommendations from the State of California and Placer County health officials. Officials advised IRONMAN that the high levels of PM2.5 (particulate matter) being recorded early Sunday morning in Lake Tahoe were at unsafe and unhealthy levels for both the athletes and the public.

In my mind all those IRONMAN athletes already won! There is no way I could be as dedicated and disiplined. So give a big round of applause for the men, women, and kids who came out, but didn’t get to compete. Pray for precipitation and the people out fighting the King Fire. Protect your playground!


Reno Hot Air Balloon Races

The Reno Hot Air Balloon Races (which are not actually a race) were held a couple of weekends ago. In all of my years living in Tahoe and in Reno I had never been, but always loved the photos I would see of it. This semester I am taking a Photojournalism class at the University of Nevada, Reno and one of our assignments was a photo scavenger hunt at the Balloon Races. So at 4:00am, my roommate Michael and I, made our way in the dark to check it out. Despite my almost-meltdown of using a new camera and the earliness of this assignment, it ended up being a fun adventure! I got a few shots I am really happy with and some I just got to check it off the list. Notes for next year: More coffee!  Balloon11. Photo from the ground – Also when I decided I needed to be laying in my bed…

Balloon22. Standing on something – I found a bench and called it good….

Balloon33. Candid photo of a pilot – I put money on the guy in the hat proposing to his girlfriend who got to go for a ride… Balloon44. A photo of a family or kids. – This is Reese. Balloon5 5. A volunteer.Balloon6 6. Wide shot of the “scene”.Balloon7 7. Details. – This is my favorite shot. Balloon9 8. Silhouette – That is Reese in the foreground, she was stoked on the Darth Vader balloon.

Balloon109. Lightstalking – I love the colors and glow of the rising sun.